Saturday, February 16, 2008

Progress Report on special project

I have not been able to blog as I have been immersed in my special project for my very special H. Last night I started on sleeve one using dpn (double pointed needles). Very exciting as I have never knitted like this before so 2 new things so far in this project: knitting in the round and dpns.

I have the body on hold while I do the sleeves, RoseRed is trying to help me understand the wonderful world of patterns. Still a bit foreign for me to understand or it could be that I have had 14 hours sleep in 3 nights. Poor R has had a cold and so sleep has alluded her and me. Fingers crossed tonight will show a marked improvement!


Rose Red said...

Excellent progress! Watch out for "ladders" in the sleeve - where each dpn joins the next one (I always get ladders!!).

SadieandLance said...

Hey that IS excellent progress!

Sophia said...

Wow sound like you nearly finish it. Tremendous effort in such a short time!

I always admire people who can do a jumper in a few weeks. It'll take me years!