Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back Camera not great but taking pics again, had to post to mark Rs second birthday

Our beautiful little girl turned 2 yesterday. It was a very special occasion and a day that we look back with both fondness, happiness and wondering why her arrival was so awful. R as most of our friends know was born in a very very distressed state, instead of the initial joy and elation we had with our eldest daughter we were left praying that she would breath, cry and show signs of life. She was totally blue had an apgar of 2 and that was for tone, life stood still for a moment (they had to resus her heart massage, oxygen the works) and I kept saying this can't be happening. It has been 2 years of watching and waiting to make sure that she was not affected by her distressful delivery. I had a slight insight into how parents must feel when faced with a stillborn delivery but thankfully this was not us. We could never imagine when we arrived that it would be so traumatic and scary. Anyhow so much to celebrate and I really must remember this when she displays her tantrums!

A friend reminded me that we should measure R on her birthday I did and she is 98cm (7cms taller then her sister was at the same age) and E is 107cm so even though there is 25 months difference there is only 9cm between them. R is right off he growth chart and E is in the 95th percentile. I do not know where they get their height from as H and I are average height. Well H is probably a bit above average but not much.

We stopped into see Auntie A and the kids could have spent all day looking at the fish in her pond just loved it.

R was delighted with her cupcake Cake, wait till she sees her ice cream cake. We are having a family birthday BBQ next weekend to mark the special occasion of R being born on her Great Aunts birthday. GA turned 85, only 83 years between them!

We were going to take the kids to a wildlife park but the weather was not in keeping for walking round in the rain. The kids would have loved the muddy puddles I am sure, but we have unfortunately outgrown that sort of adventure. Fingers crossed for next Sunday. Took R out for Japanese has acquired a taste for Sushi since an early age, very daring young miss. Anyhow Happy Birthday Beautiful R so glad you are in our world you make me a better person.


Rose Red said...

Nice post S! Lovely pics too and the cupcake cake cake looked delicious.

Better get Miss R onto the basketball court pronto!

Alabaster said...
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Alabaster said...

That was a beautiful post. And I should admit to all who read this that it's me that has been causing the stress and anxiety around R's development due to my obsession with her poor start. It's surprising that you haven't done something drastic to me as a result.

(However, I will still quietly (or sometimes, not so quietly) fret about her well-being, as a loving father should.)

Thanks for a fun weekend - jam-packed with all sorts of highs and lows.

SadieandLance said...

Oh happy bday little R! A tuff start to life doesn't seem to have bothered her at all!

Sophia said...

Happy birthday, Miss R.
I like it when you say "kids made you a better person". They certainly teach us about a lot of things!