Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Colours to brighten my day

Last Christmas I had these Pantone mugs on my wishlist. The wonderful Miss F obliged and bought me my 1st one. My parents-in-law obliged by giving me some Christmas money towards the rest. I now have 10 wonderful colours which make me smile when I open the cupboard in the morning.

You may wonder why were they so important and why replace perfectly good mugs in your cupboard? Why because they remind me of my other identity apart from a stay at home mum. I design. I have been doing design for years and could feel that part of me slipping away as my identity became reshaped. So I have them to remind me that I am an important part of my family.

My eldest daughter also has fun deciding what colour mug I will drink from in the morning. I highlighted the red mug as a present to RoseRed on her Anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

1 comment:

Rose Red said...

Thanks S! The mugs look great all lined up in a row!