Saturday, February 16, 2008

A lovely day of family fun

This morning I was woken at 5.30 by youngest daughter R. I dressed her but decided to hang out in my pj's and at 8am I thought I would get dressed only for the doorbell to ring, uh oh the kitchen guy, who I thought was coming at the earliest 9 was here. H jumped out of bed, we will always remember what we were wearing when we officially signed up for our new kitchen. Scary stuff, but oh so exciting... winter roasts... yum yum.

E decided she wanted to wear the dress that mummy made, my heart sang at this choice. I loved watching her twirl and whirl around in it all day.

We decided spur of the moment that we would go and visit my younger sister who lives in town and as I mentioned earlier is not well. At present she has been diagnosed with Graves disease and faces further tests at the end of next week to determine that it is not anything else more sinister.

So we drove into town walked to Harry's Cafe de Wheels with her and the kids and sat on the wharf and ate tiger pies (Younger sister G had made her own lunch so it was only H and I that sat stuffing ourselves). Basically potato top pies, with gravy and mushy peas. The kids had hot dogs. Walked on to the Art Gallery - it has been a few years since I last visited the AGNSW but Art Express was on it was great fun explaining artwork to the kids and seeing their delight in some pieces. We then went back to my sisters and decided to detour on the way home, we went to our favorite Gelato Bar (Cake shop) in Bondi. R fell asleep en route so I sat in the car knitting while H and E went and purchased some evening treats. It is so much fun these little additional excursions, H decided as it was nearing the end of Chinese New Year that we should also have Chinese BBQ, so we got 3 different dishes to take home: Char Siu (BBQ pork), Soy Sauce Chicken with garlic and shallots dipping sauce and Roast Pork. Still feel fat and full as I type.

We put the kids in bed and H decided to go and do the grocery shopping, went 1st time and I thought gee that was quick, he had forgotten his wallet, so decided to try again only to return again, the shops now close at 9 and it was just after...poor thing but thanks heaps for trying H another reason why I treasure you oh so much. Happy going steady Anniversary 16 BIG years fun and challenging all in one.


Rose Red said...

Sounds like a fab-o day and yum food!!

Kitchen hey? How exciting!!

Sophia said...

Sounds like your kitchen will finally be ready!! That's a very good news.
We enjoyed your lovely roasts before and are sure to enjoy it when the new kitchen is ready:)
can't wait to see it!