Sunday, January 6, 2008

Things that start with F and makes the Fours Fun!


On Friday our eldest daughter turned 4. It was a day filled with frantic preparation for her birthday party! It was going to be a small party BUT it exploded into an event with a life of its own. One of our friends commented to my H yesterday that you are meant to follow the rule of inviting the amount of children reflecting the age of the child. Good in theory but when your neighbours and family make up far more then that then the theory does not work! So we ended up with 16 kids and 20 adults. We both were very very stressed on Friday night, both being shy, both worried about it being a success. I tossed and turned all night slept in various rooms trying my hardest for sleep to come but thinking way to much about the need to sleep.

Anyhow our guests said they had a great time and there were no tears, so I will say it was a success unless I hear otherwise.

Pictured are the teacups that H made for the party (What a SNAG he is!). The mothers thought they were great as did the kids.
Thanks H for your fine culinary delights which delighted even the littlest fairies!

I hired the girl next door and one of her friends to do facepainting. They are both going into year 12 this year and were excited about being asked. The kids related well to them and it made for a relaxed environment. As I was seeing a friend off a couple of hours after the event finished a man approached me and said I am here to pickup my daughter from a fairy party I thought I can't remember any kids missing (had slight heart pulpitations at the thought of losing someones kid) then worked out that he was the father of our second facepainting fairy - phew make that double phew.

I only had a few activities as the kids seemed excited enough to do there own thing and just play together in the backyard, whether it was chasings, or in the cubby, decorating, climbing, playing on the swings. The organised activities we had were a treasure hunt, Pinyata where they just pull on a ribbon flowing from the bottom of a box. Decorate your own star shaped shortbread biscuits, unfortunately I do not have any photos of that, but the kids loved icing their own biscuits and decorating them. lastly there was pass the parcel, which caused me alot of stress I had tried to make it that the kids had a lovely wooden ring for each girl and spinning tops for the boys. Unfortunately due to additions and deletions it got muddled and the music didn't dim in time with the kids needless to say I was overjoyed when it finished. I was criticised for making it complex by a couple of people who said I should have just stuck to the traditional lollies. Maybe I was to consumed with detail but I wanted to make it really special for the kids. I was a bit upset by the comments but one of my friends said to me all the kids got a prize and that is all that matters in the end isn't it.

Special thanks to mys twin sister J who made an amazing cake, I do not have a closeup of it so am really disappointed about that, It was four dolls with marshmallow skirts. She took so much stress away from us and to make it for our daughter her niece filled my heart with joy. She offered as we don't have an oven that is working so things get to be really tricky. Also a big thanks to Hs sister A who made her first ever Chocolate crackles, none leftover so that is a big thumbs up to her skills.

Pictured below is some cupcakes which I bought and had frozen for the event. It was an easy put together ice and decorate and delight!


Bells said...

oh how adorable! I love all the edibles. So lovely. Little girls are gorgeous.

SadieandLance said...

Are those little coffees made out of biscuits and marshmallows? How cool!

Rose Red said...

Love the tea cups - sooooo cool!!

Happy Birthday to Miss E!

Am sure the comments re the lollies and pass the parcel were meant in a nice way (eg "it would have been less stressful for you if you'd used lollies") rather than a criticism - It looks like you did a great job organising it all!

Sophia said...

I love the teacups... such clever H!!
Bought cupcakes looked nice too. I'm attempting some cupcakes myself. Tried icing on the weekend, it just didn't look very professional, but I'm sure even with just hundreds and thousands, kids will be happy (that's what I'm telling myself hehe)
I would be very pleased about the outcome of the party if I were you!

Fleat said...

Sounds like a grand success!

Sorry it was stressful for you, I certainly understand, that is a lot of people to have over at one time! And try not to let people's comments get to you, some people just can't resist putting in their two cents worth.