Monday, January 7, 2008

Most people are looking forward but this is about looking way back...well 1996

I made this homemade diary in 1996 for H, came across it last week in his box of treasures. I embroidered the front with a Celtic cross as we are really interested and fond of Celtic images. I did my thesis at uni on the Book of Kells.

I even typeset the pages, handsewed the entire book.

Unfortunately it was never used, hopefully he thought it was to nice to use... thats what I have decided.

H has a significant birthday as do I this year the fun will start again. I love being the youngest in the next decade.

H wants family and friends to make gifts for him to mark the event, and as he actually celebrates his birthday for the first time in four years I am going to oblige. I did give him a homemade gift 4 years ago with the safe arrival of daughter E in January!

RoseRed is going to help me with a special project for H this year in the form of helping me follow a pattern (can't read patterns at all), buy the correct stuff and be encouraged to complete it.


Alabaster said...

For the record, you were right, I didn't want to use it as I didn't want to spoil it! Which, in retrospect, is silly, and I'd've probably enjoyed being able to read now whatever jottings I made 12 years ago.

Bells said...

Oh goodness. That's beautiful! I'd be afraid to use it, too, but at the same time, made things like that are meant to be used. I'd find it a dilemma. It's just lovely.

Sophia said...

Handmade presents are always nice! It was a shame it was not used. Maybe you can redo the paper bit and H can use it this year?

Alabaster said...

Great idea, Soph! Or I could wait for the next year in which the days and dates match 1996's! :)

Fleat said...

That is a wonderful present. I love the amount of effort and love you put into things. I still have the wrapping paper you made me for one of my birthdays which pictured Billy and me, means a lot to me.