Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A few Chrissie till NYE images

You may have noticed I have changed my template... a new template a new year...hopefully will have the chance to make it more appealing and more tailored to me... this is only the beginning.

This image shows me and my niece J. I am wearing a top that Miss F gave me and I love it. Makes me feel luxurious and the colour is just awesome. Best of all she thought of me while on holiday in the UK and bought it from my favourite shop NEXT. Did I say I love it I really really do. I also got a PANTONE mug which was on my wish list now to buy the remaining 9 myself very excited about that and the extend that she went to get me the perfect Kris Kringle present ever, you legend.

Miss E fishing from our deck with her new fishing rod on Christmas Day while wearing her new Ballerina dress.

E and R both modelling their new Ballerinas' while having a bit of rough and tumble on the stairs. R got new gold shoes but has managed to pick nearly every gold flower off the front of them.

Took a day trip to Avoca to drop some baby supplies to a friend due to have a baby any day now. Travel awful, kids restless, beach packed but the joy at watching E enjoy the beach so worth it. Those of you may remember 2 years ago we went to Noosa on holidays only to have E scream every time we tried to go on the sand, in the water, had to be carried to a deck chair on the sand and just sat sobbing for the whole time. We had driven up and R was only a few months old, needless to say we haven't attempted it again. So when we have a good beach experience we get overjoyed.

Last night we kept the girls up to see the early fireworks they wanted a lie down prior. E was terrified of the fireworks and raced off to her room, we coaxed her back. We were watching it on the TV but can see the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks from our deck so she got scared.

I am excited about the arrival of 2008.
2007 was not a great year for me so here's to a brand new brilliant year.

Happy New Year my friends old and new


Rose Red said...

Happy New Year! I don't normally get excited by the roll around of the years but I've got a good feeling about 2008, so hope it's a good one for you! (Husby says HNY too!)

Happy to help out on the secret project for the end of February (whatever could it be for??!!) - as you know I'm on leave until 4 Feb!!

PS - nice template!

SadieandLance said...

Happy New Year!

Sophia said...

Nice beach shot and kids in ballerina dresses! Have a wonderful 2008!

Bells said...

that last photo of the two girls in bed made me smile so much. there's a similar photo of my sister and I around that age and it's such a lovely thing to see. Happy new year to you, too!