Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lets pretend...its my birthday!

Don't you wish that every day was your birthday? Imagine how old you would be by now, to hard to workout. Daughter aged 3 seems to have been waiting an eternity to have her next birthday, happens early January. So every couple of months we play pretend birthdays. Young E finds goodies from her bedroom we wrap them up put them in a birthday bag, this time we also had balloons, that never get completely blown up, poor Opa has the task of blowing them up so the girls can let them fly through the air. I added a couple of stickers, some bubble stuff and party hats. E and I made jelly "cakes" earlier in the day.

Why was she so interested in parties, well mummy was working on cards for 2 special friends:

Miss F and

RoseRed and not her

then there was cousin Robbies...

what about me I hear her asking.

It took me a while to get my wrapping looking just right for each individual. Only have another 5 handmade cards to make prior to Christmas as well as the family Christmas greeting... way to scary so little time so much to do.

H is worried I am making her eccentric by allowing these pretend birthdays. I think it is good no cost apart from the jelly-mix fun. Life can be way to serious and we need to really let our imaginations soar some days.


Rose Red said...

Not eccentric, just imaginative, I think.

Your cards and wrapping are always so fabulous.

Bells said...

what a lovely thing to do for little people. I love it!

Alabaster said...

No, you're right, it is cute. Still have to work on her use of the word "candy" though!

Sophia said...

Nice cards! Lucky friends!
R looks like a young lady in her skirt..