Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ShoesDay Spring has sprung

Time thought about buying these shoes approx 5 months. Time taken to buy them today 5 mins, amount of sweat lost while doing so, loads had both girls with me and the eldest wanted to touch everything including the large mirror leaning against the wall.

Anyhow hopefully they will add a spring to my weary steps at present.

Youngest daughter has already tested them out, had a tantrum when I placed them out of her 'dress-up' reach.

Great wide front for my feet love love comfort shoes, also have a tiny wee heel, not sure if you would classify it as a heel, but they make me feel like a grown up in a girly sort of way.


Rose Red said...

New shoes rock!

Bells said...

oh it's a heel. It's little but it's a heel and it's lovely. Nice purchase. Cute girls!