Friday, November 9, 2007

Mrs Sentimental

We have been very very lucky as we celebrate important milestones in our lives to have had the support and love of family and friends.

Our quilt which was purchased from a department store has lost its ability to keep us warm. I had put away our quilt which my Grandma who lives in NZ had made as a wedding present for us, for fear of it being stolen. Silly how your mind works sometimes. We were robbed 7 years ago and they took very sentimental and irreplaceable items. One of my close friends had also been robbed and they placed everything in the middle of her quilt and bundled it up that way. SO I lived in fear of losing this most precious item. I must be healing as today I thought I would put it on the bed doesn't really go with the curtains, but hey may have to do something about that, like get new ones!

Anyhow I thought I would profile my Grandmas quilting ability she constantly amazes me. The cushion is my first and only patchwork project completed in May 1979 when I stayed with her during one holiday I was aged 11. Whenever we visited she always wanted to teach us a new skill and we would come home with a new treasure.

This quilt was made for EE when she was just a wee baby, flannette, could be put in the washing machine and dryer. I used it in her bouncer on the floor, in the pram and in her cot. It always made me smile and you can tell it has been well loved.

This one was made for RR and has Buzzy Bee as a feature on the back, a great NZ kids toy. It brings back oh so many memories and also makes me smile. I love the brightness and boldness of the prints on the back. EE was also given a handmade gift at the same time, this gorgeous NZ Pukekohe made especially to sit on a shelve.


Rose Red said...

You are very lucky having all those great quilts - so good to use them. And even if something happened to your fabulous wedding quilt, thieves can't steal your memories.

Sophia said...

Your wedding quilt and the girls' quilts all look really beautiful!! I'm all for using it NOW rather than saving it for later.
I too love patchwork quilts and have dreams to make at least one some day. First, I have to learn how to use my sawing machine properly...