Friday, November 2, 2007

A finished project! How exciting for me at least

I have finished my first ever crochetted Tutu. Pattern created by me. Wool second hand from the local charity shops. Ribbon donated by generous sister-in-law. Total cost of wool $5. Time taken from memory about 1 month on and off. Excitement level at finishing HIGH. Daughters excitement level not as high, however she did want to wear it while practising using scissors and gluing. Mothers answer was NO.

I decided to make it a halter neck as it is often hard to tie shoulder straps on little people. Well my little people that is.


Fleat said...

Congrats! It looks great. I've always admired your skill, your creativeness.

Rose Red said...

Looks great - the ribbon trim is the perfect finishing touch - yay you!!

Sophia said...

It looks very nice here... The colours looked even more georgeous in person :)
I like the halter neck. Well done in finishing it so soon!!