Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rainbow delight just right for rainy weather

I have started a new crochet project. A bag to hold all the extra kidlike stuff I carry round.

The material I am using is wool I bought at a garage sale recently for $2 and most sentimentally bamboo bag handles that belonged to my late Grandma. I wanted something to lift my spirits when the day just seems a bit too tough. Or just to make me smile when I pickup the bag and think of my Grandma who taught me so much.

The colours of the wool are highly contrasting, so I am making the pattern up, changing the colour when I feel like a change. Not sure if both sides will match, but it doesn't really matter. I am making the pattern up again, Rose Red kindly offered to lend me a pattern but truthfully I can't understand/read patterns so hopefully my bag will turn out even if I am freestyling. Almost finished the front then there is the bottom, sides...sewing it all together, deciding to line it

The bag that I carry my current project in is a bag from Skipping Girl, it inspires me when I look at it and is made from very durable plastic sort of material and is a great size... well that is my opinion.

Must finish eldest daughter Es cardigan as my next project so close, but at the not so interesting finishing stage, so close but yet so uninspired!


Alabaster said...

You're very clever! I still can't work out how the bag stays on the handles! (Or vice versa.)

Rose Red said...

Fabulous!! Just fabulous!! (and yes, I think line it - otherwise over time the wool will probably stretch)